Because clever alone isn't enough

If it was, wouldn't common sense be way more common?

Feeling frustrated trying to get others to a) grasp complexity b) get why it matters or c) go and do things differently? Sorry, but it's on you before it's on them. Being hard to follow is a visual and verbal design flaw. Being safe to ignore is missing value or relevance. Their failure to follow a plan, reflects your lack of follow up. Being uncommonly good at talking is easy if you have all day and all the tools. I'm 95% sure you don't, which is where I come in to help you—

Rework your wording — say less overall, but more that makes sense.

Revamp your visuals — stand out from the crowd & stay in the mind.

Rethink your pitch — don't just tell, but sell a way past objections.

Who am I to tell you?

Fitz, the one-stop coach & creative.

Director of education for high-tech firms in London & Montreal.
Worked in 20 countries, training, leading & client facing.
Certified at Coaching —qualified by experience.
Graphic designer with the tools & tech savvy.
A "de-stressor" and a trusted source.


Where i am

Montréal Canada & London England
Dial me on 1 514 966-8657

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Built for these clients

Who've done the class, read the books but know work reality requires an edge.

  • the overloaded leader

    Thought leaders, CxO level and line managers. Constantly on the go giving news good and bad to teams and clients, they have no credible resource on hand to tighten up their wording and sort out their graphics or dashboards. They want to be impressive, they need to be engaging — I push up their storytelling & style up a noticable notch.

  • the amateur educator

    Impromptu experts, tech-heads & educators struggling to flip cleverness into bite-sized content. They've never been shown how to design for clarity, or how to work a room —so audiences feel like every talk starts in the middle. I give amateur educators a smooth design workflow, confidence to say it right and visuals that collapse complexity.

  • the underselling coach

    full of content and (over) eager to share, doing a bad job of self-promoting. Articles, books and packages are unmade. Clients don't see a reason to meet and sales don't happen. For the underselling coach I revamp their inner value talk, tune their sales talks and help them package their intellectual property for repute (& revenue).

  • the unmapped company

    The start-up to mid-size firm, missing who, what, where and how documentation. That makes onboarding twice as long, best practice unknown (or hard to follow). Good people leave, and they take their cleverness with them. For the unmapped company I capture, structure & share smarts. A competitive edge, and hiring difference.

The uncommonly good worklist

Get good habits coached in (bad out) face to face, via skype, recordings and text.