Stop boring, confusing or losing your crowd.

My uncommon opening line consistently provokes interest. Does your opening line do the same? If you can't start strong and stay interesting, listeners will rightly float away. That's why every boss, expert and owner needs to be incredibly easy on the ear, visually bright and hard to ignore. However good you (think) you are now, you will be measurably better with a coach who also creates in your corner. Here's how it works —

This isn't for everyone (maybe not for you).

Not for new or shallow talkers, my ideal clients are —

  • the boring leader

    politely ignored or easily forgotten, it's the title that gets the attention.

  • the amateur educator

    Experts who know it, terrible at showing it, make smarts feel like suffering.

  • the unknown coach

    full of insight but empty at influence, they sit waiting to be discovered.

  • the unmapped team

    New firms with same old gaps. Missing knowledge maps, cleverness isn't squared.

Your coach & creative fit(z).

Director of education for high-tech firms in London & Montréal
Obsessed with making smart people sound more like it.
Certified in coaching (certifiably BS & cliché free).
Author of Talk Your Walk & the SWYK series.

" the AVP for Europe, I'm selling tough changes to internals and clients. Phil has been there, so his 360 feedback works. His magic is to sharpen my thinking so my word count shortens. Whatever I describe, he can do on a slide or paper. Super-technical yet good with people, he supports me right up to the talk. I get back time, sound great and get audiences looking up with interest."

Nick Willey AVP Aricent/Altran EMEA

Phil FitzGerald

London Irish born,
now living in Montréal.

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